Specially-appointed & Visiting faculty

특임 및 객원 교수

객원 조교수

  • Genetic Epidemiology, Metabolomics, Biobank and EHR Data, Precision Health
  • Ph.D. Epidemiology, University of Michigan
  • 942동 403호

객원 조교수

  • AI Ethics and Regulation; Global Data Governance; Law and Technology
  • JSD (Doctor of the Science of Law), Yale Law School
  • 43동 512호

특임 교수

  • Data-driven innovation, Entrepreneurship

객원 교수

  • Innovation management, Enterpreneurship
  • Ph.D Electrical Eng. Univ of Michigan, MBA INSEAD
  • 942동 420호

특임 교수 (Founding Dean)

  • Ambient AI, AI Life Cycle Management
  • Ph.D. Database and AI, Stanford University
  • 942동 411호

명예 교수

  • Financial Engineering, Applied mathematics
  • Ph.D. Statistics and Economics, Stanford University
  • 942동 421호

특임 교수

  • Ethics in AI, Trustworthy AI