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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Taehea Nahm

Co-founding MD of Storm Ventures and co-author of Survival to Thrival

In Sik Rhee

Co-founding General Partner of Vertex Ventures US

Bernard Moon

Co-founder & General Partner at SparkLabs Global Venture



Expert Mentor Network

Dong Hyuk Woo

Technical Lead Manager (Edge TPU) at Google

Hongrae Lee

Staff Research Scientist at Google

Peter Kyungsuk Pyun

Principal Solution Architect at Nvidia

Jongsoo Park

Technical Lead and Manager, AI Systems Co-design at Facebook

Dongjun Choi

Managing DIrector, Decision Analytics Centre of Excellence at Barclays, UK

Jaewon Yang

Senior Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Yong Sik Yoon

Software Engineer at Snowflake


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