Data-Driven Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(데이터 기반 혁신과 창업)

Fall 2020

Tue/Thu, 11:00 - 12:15

Instructor: Prof. Sang Kyun Cha (
TA: Jaewon Chang (


This course teaches data-driven science, technology, and business innovation architecture, as well as the growth strategy of successful startups. Students finish this course with their own business contest.


Data-driven disruptive innovation leads to the emergence of various new intelligent service industries as well as digital transformation of existing industry for survival. On the other hand, with the increasing speed of innovation, university startups and big company’s acquisition of such startups replace traditional industry-academia collaboration.


  • · History of Silicon Valley: Rise and Fall of IT Companies

  • · Technology life cycle, disruptive and incremental innovation, innovator’s dilemma, Chasm, success opportunities of startups

  • · Virtuous cycle of big data, AI, and digital service, and B2B, B2C success cases

  • · Silicon valley digital innovation ecosystem and comparison with China and Germany

  • · Data-driven innovation business plan writing, venture capital, and valuation of startups

  • · Growth of startups and changing roles of founders

  • · Conversation with successful startup founders and venture capitalists

Guest Lecturers

Recommended Reading List

There is no single required textbook for this course, the following are recommended as background material.


  • Mid Term Project: Reconstruction of Business Plans of Digital Platform Companies through Analysis of Annual Reports

  • Final Project: Proposal for Disruptively Innovative Research or Business Plan