Big Data and Knowledge Management Systems 2
(빅데이터 및 지식 관리 시스템 2)



This course is the second course in big data for the ABC courses (AI model/algorithm, Big data, Computing) of the Graduate School of Data Science. The course covers advanced data management, knowledge management, and data mining on massive data sets for data science and related fields. It covers the following topics:

– Non-relational database systems, including deductive database, temporal database, key-value store, geospatial database
– Advanced data management topics: Big data storage systems, Multi-modal databases, Cloud-native database, Machine learning integration with databases, Life cycle management for machine learning, Streaming processing and continuous query
– Case study of emerging new database management system, including SAP HANA, Vertica, CouchDB, MongoDB, Snowflake, and Databricks
– Data mining: Fundamental data mining, Mining on massive data sets, including recommendation system, information retrieval, topic modeling, and sentimental analysis
– Graphic data management, including knowledge management, Neo4j, GNN, and XML databases